DARC Field Day 2023

We had a good time, and a total of 5 folks turned out: Don AC6ZZ, Bret KG6GGT, Eric N6SPP, me KM6SJO, and my dad, who should be taking that Technician test in the next few months…and my mom plans to as well.

We had Eric’s WSPRLite transmitter on 20m – cool setup there, 1/4 watt. Had some HT’s and demonstrated DMR, APRS, and Echolink too. Also had Eric’s Yaesu FT-890 and buddipole, Spencer’s Xiegu G90 & 10m EFHW, and Spencer’s Yaesu FT-8900 and Arrow II Yagi and some magnet mounts with different ham sticks and such.

Lots of rich radio conversation, everyone helping others, copious note taking, so the in-person rag-chewing was helpful. The funny thing is that for the club call, we only logged 2 QSO’s with VE7RAC on 10m USB and 20m USB. SJO logged 5 QSO’s, including one SOTA activator at W6/NS-062, Red lake Peak, south of Lake Tahoe, as well as with VE7RAC on 10m USB.

Thanks to Don for bringing the donuts, and to Bret for bringing the burgers, buns, and condiments. We even enjoyed some old tunes on 1.6 MHz AM KUBA (out of Yuba City) during lunch. I have saved the BBQ briquettes for the next one! Bring the folding chairs too…

Quick note, the venue was great and provided benches and shade (Williamson Ranch Park, Lone Tree Way x Hillcrest, across from Walmart), however the restrooms were heavily locked and fortified the entire day, so that was the one downside (or “area of growth” in teacherspeak). The park was pretty much empty all day.

Hope to see more folks next time…let’s kick around some dates!