The Delta Amateur Radio Club is now deploying AREDN Mesh nodes in the Pittsburg area!


Join our :

Equipment:      Cost to get started is under $200

Frequency Used: You MUST be on Channel 175 @ 10MHZ bandwidth on 5GHZ and Channel -2 @ 10MHz on 2.4GHz for best results.

AREDN Map of East Bay NODES:

The AREDEN website Document (Docs) pages are a great place to start your adventure into MESH Networking, here:

MDARC MESH Networking

     Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club’s MESH Networking Group has been formed for the interest of those club members and other licensed Amateur Radio operators in the East Bay who would like to establish an easily and quickly setup emergency network This network will be non-dependent on either the internet and/or the local repeater systems. The network is basically an “off grid” network. This will be accomplished through the reprogramming of commercial, off the shelf, Wi-Fi radios and antennas. These “NODES” are then connected in a mesh network arrangement, much like the internet does using IP addresses and DNS servers. The “NODES” can be permanent installations, such as are installed at high levels on Kregor Peak and Round Top, or semi-permanent/portable “NODES” at individual QTH’s or battery operated in the field. All NODES may be powered with battery backup, thus the “off-grid” designation.  Like the internet, the loss of one or two of the  “NODES” in the network will NOT bring down the entire network. The network is “self-healing”, in that it will find a new route around the missing NODES. There are many existing NODES already making up part of the eventual San Francisco Bay Area (“Ring-the-Bay”) MESH Network system. This system could be a life saver in many emergency and catastrophic situations.

A Google Earth map of the MDARC portion of this system can be viewed here:

We will be working to obtain grants which will be used to purchase equipment for use by members in need of programmable Wi-Fi radios. These radios will be programed with software developed in cooperation with the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN). Our hope is to “ring the Bay” with a solid MESH Network for use when other means of communication have or are failing. That said we would also like to acquire more high level sites than just the two we now have in the East Bay. This “high level backbone” is desired as a main route for all network traffic, especially very long distance (25 to 35 kilometers) traffic.

If you would like to join our Group, all we ask is that:

  • You are a licensed Amateur Radio operator (If you want to actually operate a NODE.),
  • You are interested in emergency communications, and
  • You want to help the community in times of dire circumstances.

If MESH Networking interests you: contact Mike Warren, W6MEW at or Dick Wade, WM6G at or just join the MDARC MESH Networking (LINK) group.

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